Canada Greener Homes Grants

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Canada Greener Homes grant is an incentive for you to make your home more energy-efficient. Buildings make up for 18% of Canada’s greenhouse emissions and the government is offering incentives to decrease this figure. The Canada Green Homes grants offer property owners the chance to reduce the harm that their property causes to the environment in return for a grant. Making your home more energy efficient will also reduce the costs required to maintain and run your property. This makes this scheme an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while saving cash in the process. 

How Much Can You Save?

There are a wide variety of grants that you can avail of to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

  • Canada Greener Homes Grants offers 700,000 homeowners up to C$5,000 to retrofit their homes with energy-efficient technology. 
  • They are also offering EnerGuide evaluations that are worth up to C$600. This will allow homeowners to plan the retrofitting of their homes. This allows for an accurate financial plan as well as a clear indication of what improvements are needed to effectively reduce property emissions. 
  • This means that homeowners can avail of an amount up to C$ 5,600 to retrofit their homes with modern and efficient technology. 

Other Benefits

The money that you save is not the only benefit of the Canada Greener Homes Grants. 

  • The Canada Greener Homes Grants offers recruitment and training of EnerGuide energy advisors. This will create a high number of jobs to meet the high demand created by the grant. This will give the economy a boost as well as provide citizens with a new career opportunity. 
  • Another massive benefit to the Canada Greener Homes Grants is the money that you can save. You can save thousands on the cost of the retrofitting but that is not where the savings finish. As your home will run more efficiently, less energy will be required to power it. This means that you will use less electricity and fuel. Over a long period, this will add up to considerable savings on your electric and utility bills. This makes the Canada Greener Homes Grants a highly cost-effective way to improve your home.
  • The Canada Greener Homes Grants are an amazing way to reduce your carbon footprint. Your home will account for a large proportion of the emissions that you cause. When you use the grants to reduce your household emissions, you will effectively reduce your emissions. This will reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that you are doing your part to reduce the impact that we have on the environment.  Another great way to reduce your carbon footprint is to dispose of your items the right way. Learn how to do that in Simply The Best Movers blogpost.


Only one person per household is eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grants. Residents from different areas of Canada can apply either directly through their provincial programs or other online avenues. There are two minimum requirements that qualify for the Canada Greener Homes Grants. These requirements are:

  1. Proof of homeownership. This proof will be taken from the property tax bill number. This number can be found on your municipal property documents. 
  2. Proof of primary address. The other documentation that is required for the grant is to prove the home is your primary residence. To confirm this, you can use a government ID or driver’s license. You can also use a utility bill to prove your address. 

There are also additional grounds for eligibility for the grant. Indigenous organizations and governments can also avail of the grant. Organizations such as band councils and land claim organizations can make use of the grant. This is a great opportunity for indigenous communities to retrofit their homes. Housing management bodies and other representatives of indigenous groups can also avail of the project. These groups must first have a formal agreement with indigenous governments or organizations.  This allows the Canada Greener Homes Grants to access all communities within the diverse nation. 

These applications can be used to register multiple homes for the grant. To qualify for grants for this purpose applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be owned by the applicant.
  2. The property must be occupied by an indigenous family or families. 

How to Apply

To apply for the grant, you just register your details and apply for an EnerGuide evaluation. If you live in Quebec or Nova Scotia, you will need to apply for the grant directly through their provincial guide to book an evaluation. If you live in any other provinces in Canada, you can apply directly through the Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative website. This makes the grant accessible and easy to apply for. See below for the 4 steps needed to apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grants. 

  1. Register for your EnerGuide evaluation with the appropriate municipal body or on the Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative website. 
  2. Design and install your retrofits for your home. You will need to document your plans to keep track of spending for later.
  3. You will then need to book your post-retrofit evaluation. Then if all goes to plan you will apply for reimbursement. 
  4. Finally, you will then confirm and receive your reimbursement for your retrofitting.

If you are thinking about undertaking a retrofit on your home, it is worth considering the Canada Greener Homes Grants. These grants will allow you to reduce your carbon emissions and help the government meet their climate goals while also saving money in running costs after the work has been completed. 

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