Five Things To Consider Before Hiring An Architect 

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Whether you aim to build your own home or a kindergarten, it is essential to choose the right architect for your project. An architect is one of the most impactful people in the construction process because they give life to everything. Before moving forward, it is essential to know who an architect is and what they do. Along with that, we also need to know these 5 things to consider before hiring an architect. 

Architects are licensed specialists who are certified and qualified to design and advise on the technical and aesthetic aspects of buildings. You must first discuss the project with them so that they can provide drawings, plans and cost estimates. In addition, they help you with hiring an electrician, a plumber, or someone else. 

Architects see the location and work closely alongside the builder to figure out the cost of the final product, including advice on bodywork and finishing. Think of the architect as a project manager. With so much to manage, choosing the right architect will save you from running into issues later on. With that said, what should you be aware of when choosing? 

1- Identify The Services You Need 

Do you want the architect to arrange everything for you? Planning, authorization, interior design, furniture selection, landscaping and everything in between? or do you want to play some roles? (Check out the guide to Construction and Electrical planning). Hiring an external professional requires some openness, but when considering hiring an architect, it is highly important to understand the feasibility of the projects. 

Architects are trained professionals who have studied building codes for years, interior and exterior design, structural integrity and failure, and so much more.


2- Ask For Recommendations 

If an architect has really spent time on your dream project, you will surely be willing to work closely with them. Keeping that in mind, it is important to work together as a professional team. Also read: Importance of communication in construction projects. 

As a team, you both should feel comfortable around each other which will make you feel that your needs and desires are safe in their hands. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to ask around for great architects and get a few recommendations before you actually hire one. Understanding how an architect has worked on a project in the past can give you a realistic idea of their capabilities which will also help you predict your project and your working relationship. 

3- Explore Their Specialization 

This is an extremely important part of the things to consider before hiring an architect. All architects are qualified to handle housing, but most specialize in different areas as the industry is huge. If this is your dream home, it is suggested to work with an architect with extensive home design experience. If it’s for a kindergarten, architects should offer a variety of educational spaces and also consider extracurricular or recreational activities.

4- Portfolio of Previous Works 

You already know the style you are leaning towards. Check the architect’s portfolio to see if he has previously led a similar project. Most architects deal with different styles, but some specialize in specific projects. Make sure the architect you plan to work with attracts your style. To know if your style is actually what you want, give 1to1 Plans a try. 

5- Get a Feasibility Report Beforehand 

Getting a feasibility report before starting a project is always a safe choice. This gives you an idea on the cost per square feet, recording and disposal, construction site problems and any complexities associated with the construction process. To avoid confusion or delays, be sure to consider budget requirements. Discuss this with your architect and make sure if they can work within these limits. It is also important to know very clearly where the thresholds are and how the project is to be paid for. 

Remember to have realistic expectations for how long the project will last, as this can affect your budget.